How to Choose The Perfect Wedding Flowers

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So you’re planning your wedding? As a wedding photographer, I love weddings! However, choosing wedding flowers for your wedding can be tricky because there are SO many amazing options. While now-a-days it’s possible to access just about any variety of flower year round, I recommend that you base your decision heavily on what’s in season at the time. Using seasonal or locally grown flowers for your wedding is not only more sustainable, but also more affordable. With all of that being said, let’s dive into some bouquet inspiration, different seasonal flowers, and some general tips for choosing your wedding florals!

Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring is the season that everything begins blossoming again. Such a gorgeous time of year! Spring colors are typically on the lighter, more pastel side of the color spectrum–I recommend taking this into consideration when choosing your spring wedding flowers. Here are some of my favorite flowers that are in season during the spring:

spring wedding florals










Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer is a time for bright, vibrant colors! If you’re a colorful bride, then you’ll love the incredible range of vibrant flowers that are in season during this time. Here are some of my favorites:

summer wedding florals











Fall Wedding Flowers

There are so many gorgeous flowers that are in season during Autumn in Southern California. Below I have listed some of my absolute favorites that I love seeing in fall weddings. 

fall wedding flowers


Baby’s Breath


Gerbera Daisy



Asiatic Lily


Queen Ann’s Lace

Rover Mum


Winter Wedding Florals

Winter is a time for dramatic, dark florals. If you love jewel tones, then this is the perfect season for you to plan your wedding! Not to mention, it can be fun to play with branches of pine trees and pinecones in winter bouquets as well. Here are some of my favorite florals that are in season during the winter:

winter wedding flowers





Snow Drops

Winter Jasmines


Other fun additions to Winter wedding florals could include:





Tips for Wedding Flowers


Starting off with your timeline! You should have your florals totally finalized at least one month before your wedding. Once you’ve nailed down your guest count and chosen your flowers, placing your floral order ASAP ensures that you’ll get exactly what you want! Fall is one of the busiest times for wedding vendors–including florists. I’d definitely recommend hiring a florist to help you source and choose flowers, especially if you’re looking for flowers that are in high-demand, like Baby’s Breath. The florist will be able to source a larger quantity of high-quality flowers due to their existing relationships with flower farms. 


On to my favorite OC florists! I’ve worked with quite a few over the years; however, these are some of my favorites: 


Ruffle Effect | Website | Instagram

Gold Finch Floral | Website | Instagram

Quill & Clover | Website | Instagram

Victoria’s Garden | Website | Instagram


There are so many great florists in the OC area, so this is by no means a comprehensive list!


Now that you have some inspiration, tips, and an idea of in season florals, I hope that choosing your fall wedding flowers feels like an absolute breeze! If you’re still booking vendors and you haven’t landed on a wedding photographer yet & are loving the inspiration photos above, then consider hiring me as your wedding photographer! You can get in touch using this link or you can check out more of my work on Instagram & Pinterest


I also have SO many more wedding planning tips on the blog, so be sure to check out my venue, dress, and engagement photo tips as well!


Talk soon!




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