Before the Wedding: The Bridal Suite

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The bridal suite is the ultimate hang out zone for the bride before the wedding. This is where the bride gets ready, takes getting ready photos, has detail shots taken, and spends time relaxing before she’s ready to step into the spotlight. 

The two biggest questions I see regarding the bridal suite are as follows: who should be in the bridal suite & what makes a good bridal suite? Keep reading to find out!

Who should be in the bridal suite?

Your bridal suite should be a place of relaxation and comfort for you before your wedding! With that being said, it’s totally up to you and what you envision the morning or afternoon before your wedding looking like. If you want it to be extra chill & intimate, it can just be you and your mother. If you need some extra company to calm your nerves, it can be you, your mother and your maid of honor. Want to have a mini girls-only-party before the wedding full of Champagne and cute photos? Have your entire bridal party in the bridal suite! Whatever floats your boat, but no men allowed! 

Regardless of what you decide, you’ll have an amazing time. Just make sure you stick with your gut and have whoever feels right join you in the bridal suite. There are no hard and fast rules—just whatever makes you happiest & most relaxed! 

What makes a good bridal suite?

The most important thing a bridal suite needs is this: Natural light! And the second most important thing is neutral tones & colors! This way you and your wedding details stand out. However, don’t shy away from a decorated bridal suite if that’s more your style. Most wedding venues will have bridal suites included so that you have somewhere to get ready; however, not all venues have bridal suites that have natural lighting or windows. 

If this is the case with your wedding venue, make sure that you have scouted another location to take bridal suite photos or “getting ready photos” in. You can choose another room in the venue, or you can even rent a luxurious air bnb to get ready & take photos in for best results. 

Looking for more wedding tips and tricks? Follow me on instagram or pinterest. I also just wrote a blog on the 7 best tips for before the wedding if you’d like to check that out! Do you like the pictures in this blog post? They’re mine! If you want your wedding to look light, airy, and intimate, click here to fill out my contact form & I’ll be in touch shortly! 

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