Top 7 Before the Wedding Tips

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So you’re getting married! How exciting! Now it’s time to start planning & I’m sure you could use some before the wedding tips. Fortunately, I’m a seasoned wedding photographer, so I’ve seen it all & have a ton of great info for you!

Tip 1

Have your ring polished before your engagement photos! You want your wedding ring to sparkle like it’s the star of the show. Who doesn’t love a beautiful wedding ring close up shot? You wouldn’t want your ring to be scuffed or dull in photos that you’ll look back on forever!

Tip 2

Try not to follow dress trends when choosing your wedding dress. Choose a wedding dress that speaks to you—a dress that makes you feel comfortable & true to yourself! Trends don’t last forever, but your wedding photos do! Pick something that makes you happy!

Tip 3

Hire a wedding planner or coordinator! Your wedding is such an important moment in your life. You don’t want to spend the months leading up to it stressed out of your mind. Your wedding is all about you, so don’t make it all about your guests or your family. Hire someone to take the stress off of you so you can bask in your pre-wedding glow!

Tip 4

Send out your wedding invitations 8 – 10 weeks before your wedding so that people have time to plan! If you plan to do your wedding invitations yourself, send them out a week earlier so that you have some extra time to re-send in case a few of them end up getting lost in the mail!

Tip 5

Do your research and start finding wedding photographers and videographers who’s work inspires you! You want to start reaching out to wedding vendors as soon as possible so that you can make sure that your dream vendors are available on your wedding day!

Tip 6

Bachelorette party tip: the typical timeline for a bachelorette party or bachelorette trip is 2 months before the wedding! You have to have some fun and take a weekend to relax before you and your bridesmaids get into crunch time!

Tip 7

Another bachelorette party tip—if you can, have your maid of honor do the planning & organizing! You don’t want to have to worry about corralling all of your girls or making air bnb reservations. Put the responsibility in the hands of your bestie or sister and let them take the reins so you can sit back and relax with the rest of your bridal party!

I hope that all of these tips help you feel more comfortable and prepared for your wedding day! If you need help with your wedding timeline, check out my blog on planning weddings here. If you want more short form, quick wedding tips on a regular basis, check out my instagram here. If you want to see more of my wedding photography, head to my pinterest here, and lastly, if you’d like to hire me as your wedding photographer, click here to fill out my contact form! Best of luck to you on your big day & Congratulations!!

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