Why You Need to Have an Unplugged Wedding

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Cell phones, tablets, Bluetooth devices and the like are everywhere now-a-days! They can be so distracting, especially during your wedding ceremony! Who wants their great uncle struggling to answer a phone call on his I-Phone in the middle of your vows? I think it’s pretty safe to say the answer to that question is NO ONE! So, how do we get past this issue in the age of technology? Have an unplugged wedding!

Let me tell you a story about a wedding that I recently shot

Let me also add that this wedding was not unplugged! Confession: I almost missed the kiss!!

This wedding was a Catholic Church wedding, and Catholic Churches are strict about who can stand where. I am a stickler for the rules, so I always obey their guidelines and remain behind the last pew. However, not all wedding guests are sticklers for the rules, and that’s where issues can arise (and did arise, at this particular wedding). When it came time for the first kiss, 3 wedding guests ended up sliding into the aisle from my left and right, blocking the entire view with their cell phones. They were attempting to catch the first kiss themselves!

If the videographer and I hadn’t sprinted down the aisle, knelt down, and cut in front of them, we would have totally missed it!

Luckily the Priest was understanding—we got a smile from him after the ceremony confirming that he knew exactly what had happened. Fortunately we were still able to capture this incredibly special moment for the bride and groom, however, if you don’t have an unplugged wedding, you run the risk of losing moments like these forever!

So, with all of that being said, now you know why you should have an unplugged wedding! Don’t feel awkward about telling guests to put their devices away—it’s your big day and you don’t want to miss a moment! Here are a few ways you can remind your guests to put their phones away in a friendly manner: write “unplugged wedding” on your invitations, create signs for outside of the wedding venue, or have your officiant/pastor announce it before the ceremony begins!

Don’t let your wedding guests step in the way of you being able to remember every special moment from your wedding day forever. Have an unplugged wedding! Just do it! And if you’re looking for a wedding photographer that will quite literally nose-dive through a crowd to capture your special moments, get in touch with me! You can reach me via my contact page anytime. If you’d like to connect further, drop by my instagram and give me a follow!


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