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Today’s blog post is tips for photographers!

The past couple weddings I have shot, I have noticed how important it is that I have had a great working camera that not only is full frame, but also allows high ISO with out it being super grainy. When I first started my business, I had a Canon t3i. I then upgraded to Canon 60D. I now have the Canon 6D! I hope to one day have the Canon 5D Mark III. I still do not have the highest/most needed equipment or gear, but I am happy with what I do have. I have worked hard for what I have and it works great for what I need, for now.

This blog post is not to shame the beginner photographer, at all! It is just my opinion and experiences that I am wanting to share.

When I shot my first wedding in 2013, I did not shoot in RAW or manual! (You can read a little more how important it is to shoot in raw by reading my blog post HERE.) I also I shot the wedding with my little Canon t3i and the kit lens it came with. I know, crazy to think I made it possible and still got decent photos with all those “beginner things” I did! Anyways, with shooting that wedding and having circumstances of running out of light at the most recent weddings I have shot, I have been grateful to have better equipment. I know, my photos would be even BETTER quality if I had the Canon 5D Mark III, but again, I am still happy with what I have.

The pictures in this blog post would not be looking like they do, if I still have that Canon t3i + kit lens or if I didn’t learn to shoot in manual.

All the photos in this blog post are shot with my Canon 6D, but with different lenses.
The photo above/at the top of this blog post was with my 35mm Sigma Art lens.

It was taken right after the ceremony, after taking family formals + Bridal party photos. The sun was not seen.. due to the building. We had very minimal natural light + the light coming from a few of the light poles or the lights coming from the buildings, but if you look at the photo and see the lights, it doesn’t look like much light at all.
The settings for the photo were:
ISO 800

wedding photographers orange county california

This photo was only light by light bulbs hanging between two buildings. We took the bride + groom away from some “night photos” during the reception/dancing, to get photos like this and the photo below.
This photo’s settings:
Lens: Canon 20-700mm 2.8
(Oooopppppss!!! I meant for the B&W to be on the right as it is a “After” photo!)
(Settings for the photo on the right):
ISO 25600 – YES! That high!!

wedding photographers orange county californiaThis photo’s settings:
Lens: Sigma Art 35mm
ISO 6400

As you see, the originals aren’t horrible, but with the vision I had in my head during the shots, I took time to edit. You may see some grain in the photos, but that is because the high ISO.. BUT if I was still shooting with that Canon t3i + kit lens, the photos would be horribly grainy. I could have easily used flash as well, but I turned it off for these shots, just because I wanted the natural look.

If you are just beginning photography or looking for some type of tips, my advice + experience would be, especially with photographing weddings, is to SAVE! Save your money for a great quality camera + lenses! If you can’t afford it all right now, I myself, still rent certain equipment! Renting equipment will also allow you get a feel for the product and that will help you decide if you wish to continue renting it or really save for it!

I hope this blog post helps someone! 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your week, everyone!

Shelby Danielle
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