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Water Session | 2.5 years | Personal


Not only is this a THIRD blog post this week, but David has made an appearance TWICE! WHAT!? What is happening to me!? :O

Hahahah! It’s all for good things though and I have been so happy to be sharing so much this week + about David and I lately!


Not only am I excited to be blogging our most recent session, but because today marks 2.5 years together! AHH!

A couple weeks ago David and I met up with J.M. Hunter Photography up in Long Beach, CA.

orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1726 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1728

Jessica and I were connected through a mutual group we are apart of called the Rising Tide Society! She is from Washington and was coming down to SoCal! A fellow photographer/friend tagged me in the post and I contacted Jessica right away!

I am so happy I reached out to her because our session with her was 100% WORTH IT ALL!

orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1730 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1731 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1732 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1733

From waking up early after a wedding day the day before, just to have tired eyes to make the hour long drive to the location. All David and I wanted to do was be in bed on a rainy morning, but we pushed through and got to the beach with Jessica. Not only did we just meet at the beach.


We got INTO the water AT the beach!

Yes, we know… We are crazy to be in the ocean on a cold rainy morning… But again, it was so worth it!

orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1735 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1736 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1737

David and I left the session with sandy bodies and hair, but we just kept talking about how much fun and different that was. It was so unlike the others and we just simply got to be ourselves. Happy and in love… and being cold! hahaha!

orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1738 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1740 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1742 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1739

Once we got some sneak peeks from Jessica that night, we had such big smiles on our face. Not only was the experience so much fun and different, the photographs were AMAZING!

Earlier this week we received the email with the rest of the photographs and we shared laughter, smiles, and hugs while going through the gallery.

orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1741 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1744 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1745 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1746

Here on the blog you are seeing just SOME of what we received.

As you see, she captured our embarrassing but funny moments, our love, and the little things of us being in love… I just… ugh… I can’t explain it. I just LOVE them all so much!!

orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1747 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1748 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1749 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1750

Jessica, thank you so much for squeezing us into your short trip here in SoCal and delivering the gallery right in time for our 2.5 years!

orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1751 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1753

David, you have made the last two and a half years the happiest years. You have been one of my biggest supporters + cheerleaders. We have grown so much the last 2.5 years and just looking back at this time together, it has just flown by. You have helped make this relationship such a breeze. You help make big life decisions easier. You help guide me when I feel lost or you help hold me down when I am a bit too in the zone. You know I can write SO much about you and how much I love you, but we will just keep it short for today! <3 I love you and thank you for EVERYTHING. 🙂

orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1752 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1754 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1755

To everyone reading this, thank you so much for taking the time to read + view all the beautiful photographs! I am so excited to continue share more of my own session next week. 🙂

orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1756 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1758 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1757 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1759 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1760 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1764 orange-county-ca-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1765

Hope you all have a great weekend ahead!

Shelby Danielle
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