The Best Orange County Wedding Venues Part 2: Luscious Valley Secret Garden Ranch House

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I’m back with part two of my series exploring the best wedding venues in Orange County. There are so many gorgeous locations to choose from, but I decided to highlight the Luscious Valley Secret Garden Ranch House for part two and it’s actually in Los Angeles, not far from Orange County! Located in North Hollywood, this private secret garden was founded 11 years ago by owners and operators Gary and Marie. They dedicated the space to celebrating life’s special moments! 

I had the pleasure of shooting an absolutely gorgeous wedding here this year and NEED to share the pictures with you to showcase what a gorgeous event venue it is. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect, intimate southern California wedding venue, stick around, because you may have met your match!


The Bridal Suite:

While the Luscious Valley Secret Garden Ranch House didn’t have a separate bridal and groom suite during the wedding that I shot, they ARE in fact in the process of expanding–so this may be an option in the near future. However, if you’re hoping for some gorgeous bridal and groom suite photos, fall in love with this venue per the photos below, and realize they still don’t have a groom suite available when you go to book–no worries! You can easily book a nearby air bnb or VRBO to take bridal photos beforehand like this couple! I’ve included some photos below for inspiration! (This specific wedding I am showing, the bride chose a different location so the groom can have the bridal suite during the summer heat.)

The Reception & Ceremony Space:

The reception & ceremony area is a gorgeous, romantic, lush secret garden that is completely private. With a 3000 gallon koi pond, waterfall, and a seasonal vegetable garden, it truly feels like you’re transported to a different world. The dance & reception area are separated from the ceremony area by a grove of shady trees and fairy lights. See for yourself how stunning this venue is with the photos below!

Overall the Luscious Valley Secret Garden Ranch House is a beautiful venue for small, intimate weddings with 90 or less guests. You will truly feel like a magic princess on your big day in this enchanting garden! If you like the photos that you’ve seen throughout this blog and would like for your wedding day photos to look similar, be sure to get in touch! I would love to photograph your big day and help you make those memories last forever. Click here to visit my website & contact me. 


If you’d like to keep in touch or see more of my work, be sure to head on over to my Instagram or Pinterest! And lastly, if you want a few more Southern California Wedding Venue ideas, be sure to check out my Southern California Wedding Venue blog post!


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