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Happy Monday, Friends! 🙂

I thought I would make this blog post “Senior Spokesmodels Monday!” 😉 Many photographers have asked how I started my spokesmodel program, also known as,  “Senior reps”. For those of you who do not know what the program is about, check out my video describing it HERE. (This video is also how I searched for my seniors.)

So for the photographers or anyone else that is interested, here goes!

Many other photographers tend to just announce that they are doing a spokesmodel program on social media and/or word of mouth. I did too! But, I wanted something different for teens and their parents to see. So, I made a video! I allowed about a month for current juniors, class of 2016 seniors apply. (By the way, I had an online form for the seniors to apply. It was a link in the video’s description.)

During the application process, I got plenty of seniors and know who they were about through social media. Once applications closed and it was time for me to choose, I took plenty of advice from other photographers and took in consideration of what I wanted to work with and it was time to make my decision. I honestly wanted to choose EVERYONE, but not everyone was honest when applying and/or did not meet the expectations to be a Shelby Danielle Photography 2016 Senior Rep. I was looking for outgoing, fun, and seniors involved in their school and/or community. It broke my heart to deny the ones that I did, it really did! But as a business owner and someone who is investing into these seniors, it’s a big decision to pick the right ones to work with.

With being in this industry, I have found EVERY photographer is different when it comes to their senior spokesmodels. For me, I only wanted four and one of them being a boy. For others, they can have up to nine (or more) seniors and they can be just girls or a mix of both. I only picked four because it is my first year doing this and I wanted a small group to work with. Four may not seem like a lot, but it does cost money and tons of time, so four was and still is perfect for me.

After deciding on the four, I thought I would take the time and create a little “congratulations bag” for each senior. Not only did I create these cute bags for them, but I also took the time one afternoon to go and deliver each bag to each rep all around Orange County! Their reactions were great and it was great to meet some of them, if not, their parents.

The time I finally got to meet + get to know each one was when we all met up at a to a local Starbucks to talk all about details with what will be happening until they graduate. Details about shoots, their cards, and so much more were discussed. That day we scheduled each shoot for each senior and within just a few short weeks, I got to photograph them. A couple weeks past and I created and mailed out their rep cards. Now the ball has been rolling. They have been posting photo on social media and handing out their rep cards.

If you are a photographer and photograph high school seniors, do a senior spokesmodel program!! Not only is it fun, but you will be getting more business! 🙂

I have posted pictures (iPhone photos + photos from my DSLR) below to show you the goodies for their congratulations bag and their rep cards.

Here are the photos for the bags:


Here are what the seniors received after their shoot:

Not only are they a great looking group, they are fun, outgoing, and hardworking!
Here are the amazing Shelby Danielle Photography 2016 Senior Spokesmodels!


Hope everyone has a great rest of their Monday! 🙂


Shelby Danielle


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