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Portraits at Irvine Regional Park

There are times where I have women come to me asking for portraits and they mention they aren’t seniors and aren’t graduating from anything, but they still want a portrait experience with me. I love it!

You do not have to be a senior nor do you have to do a boudoir session to be to be photographed. Just simply having a fun session at the park or beach to have some fun, build your confidence, and have photos of yourself to give whenever you have the chance.

Jenna contacted me just for that. So, after some discussion on outfits and choosing Irvine Regional Park, it was time for her portrait session! 🙂

She finally had an excuse to wear this cute red dress she got! I loved it and we had so much fun having her spine in it.

My favorite part of the session, other than capturing her beauty at such a beautiful location and cute outfits, was she brought a long her mother’s pin to get pictures with it. My heart melted!! Such a special, meaningful, and tangible item to remember her mother with and it was the perfect touch for the end of a fun session!

Thank you so much for checking out today’s blog post! Happy Monday and hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!! 🙂

Shelby Danielle
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(Makeup by: Allie Jackson)