Outdoor newborn and family portrait session

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I don’t specialize in newborns photography, as I don’t have a full studio, education to put them into those poses, and the equipment for it. I do take on lifestyle newborn sessions though. The difference? A regular newborn session is full of poses and takes a much longer process to get them into those poses. (Think of them laying on their belly, with a blank background, their hands under the chin, etc.) A lifestyle session is what truly happens in life, but I am there capturing those moments. (Think of rocking baby in rocking chair, hanging out on the bed or floor, etc.)

Most of my lifestyle sessions take place in the baby’s nursery or in the home. Sometimes, there are clients that don’t want them inside their home but unsure about how it would look if they were to take newborn and family sessions outdoors.

So, that is where today’s blog post comes! 🙂

I want to share the photos from my last newborn session that took place outdoors. The only thing I want to ensure, if you choose to do a newborn session outdoors is if the weather is cold, to make sure you have those blankets! We also won’t do the session if it is too cold out. We want to keep those babies healthy!

I hope you enjoy this family session in Irvine, California, that was also focused on their new baby boy. 🙂


Shelby Danielle
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