Outdoor Engagement Photos: Outfit & Pose Ideas

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So it’s time for you to start planning your engagement photo shoot and… you’re terrified. From choosing the right outfits to figuring out how to not look awkward while posing, there’s just so much to think about and it’s overwhelming you. I totally get it! And guess what? You’re not the only one who feels like hiding under the covers when you think about getting photos taken. But you’re in luck, because I have photographed dozens of engagement photo sessions, and I have some tips that I hope will help ease your nerves. With a few helpful tricks, my couples have left their outdoor engagement session feeling relaxed, happy, and excited to see their amazing photos. Let’s get you there too!


Outdoor Engagement Photo Outfits

Choosing the right thing to wear is definitely one of the biggest things that everyone worries about. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be complicated, especially if your engagement photos are outside. Let the setting do most of the work, and choose neutral colors that compliment each other. As far as what to wear, check the weather forecast for your engagement photo location! I love AccuWeather or Weather.com for super detailed, accurate weather predictions. If you think the weather will be a limiting factor, or there’s a severe weather forecast in the area, connect with your photographer and come up with a game plan. Most importantly, choose outfits that are comfortable, and please, please don’t go panic-buy something new the day of the session. Chances are, it might not look the way you want it to on camera, and you might hate an impulse purchase within a few weeks. Stick to your favorite outfits, and bring a couple of different options, and you’ll be golden! 

engagement photo outfit ideas

engagement photo outfit ideas

engagement photo outfit ideas


Engagement Photo Pose Ideas

Posing is probably the other biggest thing on couples’ minds as they start their engagement photo session. The good news is– posing is not (really) your job to worry about! Unless you want some super specific or unique poses, your photographer should guide the entire session (and that includes posing) to make sure you’re comfortable at all times. If you want to give your photographer some reference photos, start a reference/mood board on Pinterest or Canva and share it with them. One of my favorite tips to get my couples comfortable in front of the camera is to ask them to what their favorite music is before the session. Then, when it’s photo time, we blast the music! Not only does it help me learn a little bit more about my couples while we’re shooting, but it helps them laugh, smile, and feel energized hearing their favorite tunes! 

engagement photo outfit ideas


If you loved any of the outdoor engagement photo poses you saw in the photos here, feel free to save them to your Pinterest board, or screenshot them to share with your photographer! Want more photo inspiration? Head to my Instagram and follow me to see more, or click here to see another sweet outdoor engagement session I shot recently! 


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Congratulations on your engagement, and happy wedding planning!

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