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(Photo by: Hope Taylor at her HTP senior photography workshop)

Hi Friends!! Today’s blog post is a little different than normal!

Most photographer’s or business owners in general, tend to have a grand announcement about their new brand/rebrand! Well, friends, I am doing things differently. If you have been checking out my blog the past few months, you probably have been seeing my logo at the top continually change! But if you have been checking the blog the past few weeks, or a month, you’ve noticed I haven’t been changing it! Well, it’s because I have FINALLY made up my decision to keep it!

The reason I am not doing a huge “re-brand” is because the only thing that has really changed, or that I really wanted to change, was my logo. Over the years of being in business, I’ve changed my logo a few times. It’s changed a few times as I have grown as a photographer and trying to find what I really like. My last logo, I loved. It had a sweet camera, daisy, and a cute, but readable font! But I outgrew that logo. I also felt it was too “clip-art.” So, this past summer I decided by the end of the year I would find a new one. Here we are in October, a few months away from the end of the year and I have a new one! Yay!!

With a few trail and errors of the logo revamp, I finally designed one that I love! It still has my branding color, daisy (because I LOVE them and felt it should somehow still be involved!), and the font that is still a bit “flow-like” and it is readable. I feel like it really matches my personality + brand. It’s bright, cute, and a little bit of dainty! 🙂

It’s been a busy month of redoing the logo on all my stuff! Now I finally understand how much work is put in to re-branding for businesses, though, I only did my logo! I can only imagine how it is to do redo the WHOLE websites, blogs, etc.

With updating my new logo, I had to do my business cards! I went with a different company this time and I am so happy with it! I went with MOO, which I now believe is DEFINITELY recommended 🙂

I want to thank everyone for not thinking I am crazy (you probably did, but I will think you didn’t ;P or if you even noticed ) as I would continually see what logo looked best with my blog, website, client galleries, etc. as I figured out what I loved best!

I hope you all enjoy your upcoming weekend!

Thank you for checking out tonight’s blog post! 🙂

Shelby Danielle
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