My Number 1 Tip for Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

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Dearest brides, your wedding photos are the sole memento from your wedding that you will be able to cherish and bring with you forever & for generations to come. Please take your time choosing the right wedding photographer for you. Be thorough in your choice and make sure you cover all of your bases. It is so easy for amateur wedding photographers to make themselves look good on platforms like Pinterest & Instagram with fancy filters & editing; however, on social media platforms it is so easy to only display your best work.

Wedding photographers need to know the intricacies of photography, camera settings, lighting, and editing. It isn’t just about being able to choose your favorite photo from a shoot, making it look pretty and sending it off into the world wide web. It’s about documenting a couples most special day. Capturing the small moments they will want to look back on and cherish forever. It’s about being versatile, able to adapt to any situation, and being able to shoot a beautiful photo in any lighting.

So, with all of that being said, my number one tip for choosing the right wedding photographer is this: It is okay to ask your prospective wedding photographer to view a full gallery before committing to them. In fact, it is best that you do request to see a full gallery before choosing them as your photographer.

Seeing a wedding photographer’s full gallery is being able to see how they shoot in all different situations. How do they make a crowded wedding reception feel more intimate? Can they make a cloudy day look just as beautiful and warm as a sunny afternoon? Can they beat the crowd full of cell phone photographers to capture your vows or first kiss as a married couple? How do they style detail shots? Do they have an eye for composition? These are the things that matter & they’re the things that you need to make sure your wedding photographer is capable of!

So, if you want to make doubly sure that you’re choosing the right wedding photographer, please do not hesitate to ask for a full gallery! I myself am fully transparent, so if you’re looking for a wedding photographer with a ton of experience & knowledge, please get in touch! I’d be more than happy to send over a full gallery for you to view before you commit! Click here to get in touch & follow me on Instagram or Pinterest to stay in touch!

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