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I am still so happy for my best friend… She is ENGAGED!! AHHH!!

Angelo, my friend Hannah’s boyfriend, now fiancé, Allie and I have been planning this proposal for weeks and I am so happy it all went through perfectly! There were times when we thought she would have an idea, but with Angelo buying a laptop a week before the proposal, it really threw her off!

Allie, Hannah, and I have been friends for years and all of our birthdays are within a 3 week span. We have always celebrated together, but this year it didn’t happen. So, as we have turned 21, we thought we would celebrate this summer in Vegas. Well, things happened and came up and we were unable to go. BUT, it worked out perfectly! Because I was able to mention, “Why don’t we celebrate with going Wine Tasting?” (Hanny’s (as we call her) FAVORITE and Angelo wanted to do it at a winery). So, we chose one near by called Giracci Vineyard & Farms in Silvardo, CA. With all of us having boyfriends, we made it into a triple date.. Allie’s idea! Woohoo! Hanny was all for it, but little did she know, she was helping plan for her own proposal!

Angelo and I wanted to photograph this moment for him and her, but usually when I am hanging out with friends, I usually keep my camera at home. So, we decided we would have the cover up of, “Let’s take pictures together and then with our boyfriends after wine tasting!” Perfect, she was all for that too!! Allie then would help her with her makeup the morning before!


We did all the photos and then I gave the thumbs up to Angelo and then told him after a few poses, “Did you want to do anything else?” and that’s when he gave her his sweet words and then went to one knee! She was SO shocked! So many “What’s!?” hahah! It was great!

giracci-vineyards-and-farms-proposal-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1313giracci-vineyards-and-farms-proposal-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1314giracci-vineyards-and-farms-proposal-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1315giracci-vineyards-and-farms-proposal-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1316giracci-vineyards-and-farms-proposal-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1317giracci-vineyards-and-farms-proposal-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1318giracci-vineyards-and-farms-proposal-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1319giracci-vineyards-and-farms-proposal-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1320giracci-vineyards-and-farms-proposal-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1321giracci-vineyards-and-farms-proposal-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1322giracci-vineyards-and-farms-proposal-photographers-shelby-danielle-photography_1323We then made it into a mini “Engagement session” and after we were done she asked, “Wait, so are we done with pictures? They are all of Angelo and I!” Hahaha we then mentioned the whole set up for the photos were for just for them! Everything then starting clicking in her head on why everything was done the way it was. We loved it!! 🙂


From trying to keep it quiet when Hannah would mention that she thought it would happen this summer, in our group text messages, to really playing it cool while we got our nails done with her mom the day before. Or even more so during wine tasting moments before it happened, it was ALL worth it!!

Hannah + Angelo, I love you both and I am SOO SOOO happy for you guys!! I am can’t wait to watch this next year unfold as you guys plan the big day and then even better, have an amazing marriage!! 🙂

Shelby Danielle
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Oh! Couldn’t forget the vlog from the day!! 😛

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