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Two personal posts in a row? Woah! haha!

David and I love being real on social media. Especially me, as I own a business and people think it’s all sunshine and rainbows. In reality, it really isn’t. Us creative business owners love what we do and we do have fun, we really do! But we also have those long nights, early mornings, endless to-do lists, and SO much more. It takes hard work and social media likes to put the thoughts in others’ minds saying that our lives are all put together.

Well, every life, business owner or not, is a beautiful mess! 🙂 I just like to remind others that it is okay to be REAL on social media. 🙂

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With that being said, I have attached another vlog from mine and David’s Youtube Channel.

The other night he said to me, “I want to put my version of you taking this big leap to full time on our channel.” I was SO thrilled to know he wanted to do this himself.

But once I started watching it, I had a constant smile on my face.. and then watery eyes.

(If you are a little lost on what I am talking about, please make sure to view + watch the last blog post 🙂 You can go to it by click HERE.)

Down below is David’s version of what it’s like to date me and dating someone who is an entrepreneur. Be prepared.. It’s long and it does get emotional… Get those tissues! 🙂

After watching this video of David showing his raw emotions and hearing his words… Guys, I am in just awe. The amount of love I have for him and knowing it’s mutual is one amazing feeling. I just can’t stop thinking about this video and how much it shows his love.. I absolutely love it!

Thank you so taking the time out of your day today to read this blog + watch the vlog! It means so much to us! 🙂

Shelby Danielle
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