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HAPPY FRIDAY!! As a photographer, you’re probably looking forward to your Sunday, because that is considered your “Friday!” I’m sure you have a weekend full of shoots and/or wedding(s), meetings, and tackling that to-do list this weekend! I have meetings, shoots, and tackling my ever-growing to-do list, but I am still happy it’s Friday! hehe!

Anyways, what am I doing on the blog this Friday morning? I am here to blog about something I wanted to blog about this topic yesterday, after I came across a certain photo in the morning. Unfortunately, yesterday was a busy day and I couldn’t make it onto my blog!


Yesterday, Facebook showed me a photo (the one above) that I took exactly 4 years ago(October 2011)! A photo I took of my sister (my first actual PAYING client) + her family! The one who actually made me think twice about actually going for this dream of mine. She is the base that started my business. I couldn’t be anymore thankful for her! After taking her photos 4 years ago, my business started to go viral on Facebook!

After photographing her and her adorable + good looking family (No, I am not just saying this because we are blood related 😉 hehe. But really, look at those young boys! They are going to be breaking some hearts as they grow up!), more families started to come to me for family photos and it just kept coming. After family photos, it started to go to seniors, and then so much more! Facebook has done wonders for my business!

Anyways, from the time capturing The Block’s for the first time and now, is that I have spent hours learning from other photographers through classes, articles, or Youtube. I have spent plenty of time going through trial and errors… and SO much more!

Between learning, feeling different types of emotions (times of frustration and happiness), and putting myself out there, I have grown and I continue to grow! I have had and continue to have goals in mind and I strive daily, monthly, and yearly, to get to them!

My main point of this post is to go after your dreams + goals! If you see in the photo posted above and the one that you will see below, is that there is a dramatic difference! I mean, just the quality itself is crazy (I’m crossing my fingers that posting the photos on the blog doesn’t ruin the quality!)! My goal when starting out was to learn my camera + editing software. Ladies & gentleman, look at the photos and you will see how I have mastered those goals of mine! I am NOT saying I know everything, but I have learned A LOT and I can not wait to continue to learn even more!

Now, here is the latest photo I took of the family, back in May of this year (2015)!


Continue to scroll down to view more from their photo sessions in 2011 + 2015! 🙂

Thank you for reading + checking out this blog post! I know it might be a little vague and not in detail, I’m actually heading out to a meeting and wanted to quickly post this! I hope it helped motivate any new photographers out there looking for a push! Hope you all have a great day + weekend! 🙂

Shelby Danielle
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