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Hi friends!

I wanted to blog about why it’s so important for photographer’s to have a back up camera.

Last month, while I was in Utah, my camera started to act up. It was taking so long to focus. I was trying regular focus, back-button focus, and manual focus. I was trying different settings and different lenses. The body would just not focus 75% of the time. It got really annoying and frustrating. After coming back from Utah and having a few session here in Orange County, the camera was still doing it!

So, even during a busy season of sessions, I decided to take it into Canon the morning before a session. I’m crazy, huh? I needed it fixed for an upcoming wedding and boudoir marathon the following week, so it was definitely NEEDED to be sent in. I walked into this location and they helped me out so quickly and were able to help teach me more about making sure my photos are more focused… If my camera wasn’t off with the focal points. Then they told me it would be done within seven business days…. It was done in THREE!! Yay! I go to pick it up and they said that the camera got bumped and the focal points were off. Ever since I picked the camera up, it was been great! But, that’s not the point of this blog post.

I was with out my go-to camera for the session that evening! WHAT?
Well, luckily, I had a back up camera!! I took that to the session and even though it wasn’t the best quality as my main camera, it did it’s job and my clients were happy with their photos!

Ever since I started my business, I have always had a back up camera. When I first started my business, I had a t3i, but I had my brothers camera as a backup. Once I purchased my Canon 60D, I stopped borrowing my brothers and made my t3i my backup. Once I upgraded to my Canon 6D, I made my Canon 60D my backup and sold my t3i. Once I get the Mark III, I will sell my 60D and have my 6D as a back up.

At first, I thought my backups were only important for weddings. You will always want another camera, lenses, extra batteries, flashes, etc. for weddings and I have been prepared for that.

What I didn’t know was that I would need that backup camera for a 1 hour session! I was so happy that I didn’t need to stress about sending it in AND renting another camera body, because I had one!!

So, photogs, if you wish to upgrade your camera and sell your old one, DON’T! You won’t know when it will come in handy! 🙂

Have a great Monday!

Shelby Danielle
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