How to Include Your Dog On Your Wedding Day

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Everyone loves their furry friends and if you’ve been keeping up with wedding trends, you’ve probably noticed that dog parents everywhere are including their fur babies in their wedding day activities. If you’re in the midst of planning and want to have your dog(s) by your side while you say your “I Do’s”, here’s how to make it happen! 

Have A Designated Sitter 

It’s a good idea to have someone in mind who would be willing to keep an eye on your dog throughout the day and night. Weddings can be long events with lots of scenery changes and stimulation; so your dog is going to need a familiar face throughout the event. This person should be in charge of taking your dog out for bathroom breaks, water and food, and whatever else their needs might be! Your pup is going to be just as high maintenance as you will be, so it’s best to choose someone who’s up for the task. 


Give Them A Tour Of The Venue 

Dogs are super sensitive to their environments and they’re also really easy to excite! For that reason, it’s important that you make sure to give your pup a tour of the venue well before your wedding ceremony happens. That way, your dog won’t feel uncomfortable in a totally new space on the day of. Bonus points if you let them take a few extra laps around the venue on the day of to get some energy out before the ceremony + adapt to all of the new, exciting decorations. 

Have Treats, Always 

Per usual, you’ll want to keep treats on hand to reward good behavior both before and during your wedding ceremony. When you’re introducing your pup to the space for the first time, spoil him with treats to warm him up to the space. On your wedding day, be sure your dog sitter has as many of his favorite treats on hand as possible to reward him for being quiet, laying down, and staying clam during your ceremony and reception. Pups love treats, so keeping them around will surely help keep your fur baby under control on your big day!

Keep Them Hydrated & Fed 

Guests needs to take little breaks throughout your wedding day to energize and hydrate and your furry guests will be no exception. Whether they’re sitting in the audience with your friends and family or standing with you at the altar, you’re going to want to make sure basic food and water needs are met. A hungry or thirsty pup equals a stressed out pup. So, be sure to keep them hydrated and fed throughout your wedding day to avoid any complications!

Bring A Quiet Toy For Extra Energetic Pups 

Bringing a squeaky toy probably isn’t ideal during a wedding ceremony, but having a toy or two on hand definitely won’t hurt. Consider keeping a stuffed or rope toy nearby or with the sitter so that your pup has something to do when they get bored. Emphasis on when–not if. While treats and lots of walking during breaks in the ceremony will help keep your dog calm, they shouldn’t be the only thing you rely on. Take something you know keeps your pup occupied and ideally, quiet. 

Have Patience

Humans are way better equipped to handle the stress and excitement of a wedding. You (the bride and groom) and all your guests already know the plan for the day. You know when you’re expected to be quiet, when it’s okay to wander around the venue and mingle, and when you can let loose! Your dog isn’t going to have the same knowledge, so my biggest tip is to have patience! Try to keep this in mind when you’re thinking of including your pup in your wedding. If you have an extra rambunctious pup and know that patience and the above tips won’t be enough to get your pup through the ceremony, consider just having them to the reception! 

I hope that these tips on how to include your furry friend in your wedding help and if you’re looking for more wedding planning tips, be sure to check out the blog! If you like the photos throughout this blog post and are looking for a wedding photographer for your wedding, click here to get in touch–I’d love to photograph your big day for you!

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Best of luck with planning your big day!



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