Five Tips to Help You Relax From Wedding Stress

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As wedding season is approaching and with June being FILLED with weddings, I can’t help but think of all the brides that have their wedding in a month or less. Even though this blog post is going to be for the June brides, I am also thinking of the future brides for the months ahead. Heck! You could even use these tips 6 month+ from your wedding! 🙂

These five tips are what helped me stay calm and balanced the month before my wedding and I hope they help you! 🙂

1. Go for a walk or go to the gym –
Taking a break from life and wedding planning just for 30-60 minutes will not only give you endorphins for a better mood, but give you a clearer mind. I am a big gym go-er, meaning I go around 5-6 times a week, but that doesn’t mean you have to do that. Even just 3-4 times will help a bunch!

2. Take a bath –
Light some candles, play some music, and relax. Adding a bath bomb is always a great addition too! 😉 I tried to make this a priority ONCE a week as we approached our wedding day. I actually made it happen the night before our wedding day, too. It relaxed my muscles from being tense from not only working out, but the stress that came from wedding planning.

3. Vent to your wedding party or family –
Find someone you can trust and VENT to. Just asking for a ear to listen to you and just spill out all your frustrations and emotions is so helpful! If you aren’t one to express your feelings out loud to someone, find a journal and just write. 🙂

4. Keep your phone away at night –
This was SO hard for me. When it came to finding a balance between life, work, my relationship, AND wedding planning, I was always wanting to spend the last few minutes at night scrolling on my phone. I was wanting to, for either a distraction from all the craziness OR I would want to pull up the phone so I can try to figure out more plans. This will lead you to staying up later than you need to, which then makes you lack sleep. If you lack sleep, you can get sick! You need your sleep. So, put that phone away at night and instead, spend that time focusing on your fiancé. Because let’s be real, these are the last moments before becoming husbands and wife. 🙂

5. Spend time with your fiancé and remember the reason WHY you are doing this. –
Wedding planning can get out of hand, but it wouldn’t be possible if you didn’t have your fiancé. Remember to include him/her in your planning and keep some time during the month (even better, every day or week) for just the two of your WITH OUT WEDDING TALK! You are planning this wedding because you want a marriage and a marriage starts with the two of you. 🙂

I hope these little tips help you, as they helped me. 🙂

ALSO! Remember to keep your EXCITEMENT, as this is last month of being a fiancé. The last month FLIES BY! It IS stressful and can get crazy, I won’t lie about that, but try to enjoy it. The day will be here SO quick!! 🙂

Shelby Danielle
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