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AHH!!! I am SO excited I am FINALLY launching my blog!! I have been wanting to blog for almost a year now!

If I have been wanting to blog for about a year now, you might be asking, “Then why haven’t you?” Well, from trying to figure out how to connect a blog to my site (which was a trial and error for a few months… it ended up being a total FAIL), to purchasing a new domain in October 2014 with great SEO, (Side note: I planned to have CA in my domain/link, but I guess I was so tired the morning I purchased it, that I totally forgot! Poopy! It’s okay though! Hopefully most of my viewers know that I am in California, not another state with Orange County. hehe) Some problems started happening with posts, pages, etc. that I could NOT fix ANYTHING. So with my dad’s help, (he has been a HUGE help in my business when it comes to me ranking and putting myself out there and I’m oh-so-very thankful. I’ve been able to meet so many clients from all over because of his help!) we finally got it fixed today with another professional’s help! Today, April 24th, 2014 making it SIX MONTHS of my blog being created, but not live, is well… FINALLY live!! I am over the moon today! hehehe!

I can’t wait to blog about my photography sessions, my plans for my business, my personal life, advice for any fellow photographers, and SO much more!!

Can’t wait to continue to blog and share with you all!



Shelby Danielle


About Me

I am a wedding & portrait photographer based in Southern California and beyond!

I started at the young age of 16 in my hometown of Orange in Orange
County, California. As my photography business grew and I got married,
life took me to the Chino Hills area, making me more centered to all
major Southern California counties.

Here on the blog, you will
see a variety of posts regarding tips, sessions & weddings, and my
personal life of being a wife, mother, and business owner. To learn more
about me or to see more daily adventures, follow me on Instagram and/or

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