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Day 1 | In Frames Retreat

I am SO excited to finally start blogging this week with the photos from the shoots I had at the In Frames Retreat I attended earlier this month. You can view more of the behind-the-scenes by clicking here.

As you may or may not have read in the blog that I linked above, the day we flew in, within a few hours, we headed to our first shoot! It was so exciting to shoot right away with other photographers around me! It wasn’t a very long shoot, but it was fun to get in the groove of shooting with a model in front of us.


Just look at how gorgeous Mariah is!! GAHHH!!

SOO Stunning!

Orange-County-CA-Portrait-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0452 Orange-County-CA-Portrait-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0453 Orange-County-CA-Portrait-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0454 Orange-County-CA-Portrait-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0455

As you will see in the posts about this trip, it is totally out of my style! I absolutely loved it though! Felt refreshing to try something new and learn from the ladies around me! 🙂

Orange-County-CA-Portrait-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0456 Orange-County-CA-Portrait-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0457 Orange-County-CA-Portrait-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0458 Orange-County-CA-Portrait-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0459 Orange-County-CA-Portrait-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0460 Orange-County-CA-Portrait-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0461 Orange-County-CA-Portrait-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0462

Thank you so much for reading + checking out today’s blog! 🙂

Shelby Danielle
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