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If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw the photos & videos of David and my niece on my story last Friday.

My niece, Lyla, said to my sister, who told us, “If daddy can’t go, I want Uncle Dave Dave to come. If he can’t I won’t go.” This made mine and David’s heart melt.

My brother-in-law, Lyla’s father, couldn’t make it to Lyla’s school’s “Father Daughter Dance.”

David works afternoons and late nights during the week, buuuuut, we made it happen.

Friday came along and we met up to get them ready. My sister was helping put up decorations at the school for the dance, so I helped Lyla get ready. I helped pamper her with doing her hair and putting light eye shadow and lip gloss on. As she got dressed, so did David.

Lyla didn’t want to see David or have David see her. She would yell if a door opened! haha! She wanted them to see each other at the same time, so I thought this would be SO cute to do it as a “first look.” (like we do at weddings)

We headed out and had Lyla face the other way as David walked backwards to her. Once they turned around, it was the cutest thing!

They were full of smiles and I couldn’t stop capturing them! hehe!

We then headed out to their dance.

While we were there, I was also a volunteer. I had my camera and wasn’t planning on taking photos, as there was another photographer there. Since I didn’t think I was going to capture photos at the dance, I didn’t bring my external flash for my camera. That didn’t stop me from capturing these cute, sweet, moments of these two. My heart was melting.

As the evening went on, my heart was just melting. When David & I first started dating, my niece’s opinion (along many other family and friends) about him was important to me. Within just hours of them meeting, she loved him. Within a couple months, she was calling him Uncle Dave Dave (this freaked us out, as we were only dating a few months at the time. But it stuck!😜). Now they adore each other like no other!! Seeing him love my niece (& nephews) as his own blood, just shows how much of a great father he is going to be. Seeing her love him like another father, has me so thrilled to know she has yet another male figure to look up to.

Their love for each other and my love for them, is unbreakable and I am so blessed to have these vibrant souls in my life.<3

Thank you for reading + taking a look at today’s blog post! 🙂

Shelby Danielle
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