Comprehensive Engagement Photo Checklist for Bride + Groom

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You just got engaged! Congratulations! What better way to make your announcement than with a beautiful engagement photoshoot that shows you and your partner in the best light? That’s where I come in! There are so many things to prepare/do/choose for your engagement shoot that it can feel overwhelming. So, my dearest couples, I decided to make a comprehensive checklist for you so you know just what you need for your shoot. Let’s dive right on in!


Engagement Photo Do's and Dont's


Location Location Location

Choosing your location well ahead of time will save you a lot of worry. Whether you’re planning to go with an outdoor nature shoot, urban city shoot, a romantic beach-side shoot, or a more rustic farmhouse shoot, the backdrop will act almost as a third subject in your pictures! Choose wisely AND choose somewhere both you and your partner love. Maybe it’s somewhere that the two of you previously spent time together, the place you shared your first date, or even just a park or beach that you think is serene. Regardless, the sooner you choose a location the less you’ll have to stress about as wedding planning progresses and your engagement shoot draws near! So put your thinking cap on and get to picking! P.S. Don’t be afraid to ask your wedding photographer for suggestions if you’re drawing a blank–we’ve shot SO many engagement photos, we know which locations work best and serve as an amazing backdrop!

Decide On Your Outfits

Having your perfect outfit picked and ready to go before your engagement shoot will be give you some MAJOR peace of mind. In fact, I highly recommend choosing two or even three for some variety (and also to stay comfy in case option one doesn’t end up being quite as comfy as you thought it may be)! You and your partner should have outfits that make you feel good and are comfortable to wear for extended amounts of time. Engagement photoshoot can be long, so be sure you’ve got an outfit planned that you’re ready to pose in for a few hours!

Bring Your Touch-ups

You may have done your makeup perfectly the morning of, but eyes get itchy, people sweat, and nine times out of ten, before the end of your shoot, you’ll need a touch up or two! It’s important to remember to bring your makeup, hair pins, deodorant, safety pins, etc, so you can make quick touch ups as you go! There’s nothing more devastating than having to end an engagement shoot early because a bride’s makeup got smeared and she didn’t remember make up wipes and back-up eyeliner.

Comfortable Shoes

This is a no-brainer. Comfortable shoes will help you feel good for the whole shoot. Depending on your location, your photoshoot could require a lot of standing or walking. You don’t want to be walking a trail in your favorite park wearing 6 inch pumps! Shoes that are practical are always your best bet. And hey, if you’re dead set in being photographed in your fave wedges, bring them along in a separate bag–that way you can change into them once we start taking pics and wear your sneakers for any walking that may be done. 

Bring Snacks

This suggestion may come as a bit of a surprise, but it will definitely come in handy. When you’re shooting for an hour, two hours, or maybe even three, snacks and water are necessary to keep your posing energy up and the mood light! Not to mention staying hydrated and fed will keep either of you from getting hangry before the end of your shoot. 


I hope that these engagement photo tips help you feel more than prepared for your upcoming engagement photoshoot! I know that they can be intimidating, but really, you shouldn’t be anything other than excited! Your engagement photos will turn out amazing and they’ll provide you will adorable memories to look back on forever.


If you like the engagement photos featured throughout this blog post and are still looking for the right wedding or engagement photographer, you’re in luck! I’m a wedding photographer in Southern California and all of the photos in this blog are courtesy of yours truly. And yes, I WOULD love to shoot your wedding or engagement photos as well. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to do so here!


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