Choosing the Perfect Wedding Florals

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Wedding florals are an integral part of any wedding ceremony and reception! They bring a beautiful pop of color to your wedding decor and can really tie everything together. For that reason, I wanted to leave you with a few quick tips for choosing the perfect wedding florals! Let’s dive in!

Create a Moodboard for Inspiration

Struggling to choose the perfect florals for your wedding? There are SO many options! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the possibilities, create a Pinterest moodboard specifically for wedding florals. This will help you determine which arrangements, colors, and flowers you’re most drawn to on a consistent basis. If you see specific flowers popping up over and over again, consider adding those to your bouquets and centerpieces. 

Don’t Go Over Budget 

Keeping to your budget during wedding planning is SO important. As beautiful as floral arrangements can be, they’re not worth going over budget for! So, how much should you plan to spend on florals? Many wedding planners recommend setting aside 7% of your total budget for blooms. That’s a small percentage compared to what you might spend on food and drinks! Fortunately, florals are more of an accent than a necessity. If there’s an expensive bloom that you can’t say no to, consider mixing and matching it with some less expensive blooms so that you don’t over-spend!

Choosing In Season And Local Flowers 

Try to choose flowers that are native to the climate in which you’re having your wedding. This will mean choosing flowers that are in season on your wedding day. While this may limit your options for florals, it will also be more accessible, less expensive, and better for the environment. Also consider using flowers that bloom all year (and are less expensive) to mix in with ones that might not be exactly in season if your theme calls for them.

Choose Colors For The Season

Whether you’re having a fall, spring, summer, or winter wedding, you want to base not only your florals, but your entire color palette around the colors of that season. Bright pinks and neon greens may look out of place during an outdoor fall wedding & deep jewel tones may look out of place during a light and airy spring wedding. For spring, I recommend pastels and other lightly colored blooms. Summer is perfect for bright, vibrant florals. Fall is a great time to opt for deep, luxurious jewel tones and winter is ideal for cool tones. 

Choose a Florist

While it may be tempting to take on the flower arrangements yourself to save money, ultimately it’s cheaper and less stressful to work with a professional florist. They will have more knowledge of what’s in season now, what will be in season on your wedding day, and what will be out of season on your wedding day. They also have experience sourcing florals sustainable and arranging them artistically. Not only that, but if you’re still unsure how to choose your perfect florals, a florist can help you with their expert eye!


Once you’ve chosen a florist, have your moodboard, and know the basics of choosing the right florals, you’re ready for the wedding! I hope that this blog helps  you choose the perfect blooms for your most special day! If you want to keep in touch, follow me on Instagram or Pinterest! Like the pictures in this blog post & still need a wedding or engagement photographer? Click here to get in touch 😉




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