Bridesmaid Gifts: Tips & Why They’re Necessary

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Your bridesmaids do so much for you throughout your year of wedding planning—especially your maid of honor! Do you need to celebrate them and their dedication to you as a bride to be with bridesmaid gifts or can you skip out on them? Continue reading to hear my thoughts on the matter!

Bridesmaid gifts and Bridesmaid Bouquets

Short Answer: Yes Bridesmaid Gifts are Necessary!

It probably seemed pretty obvious that this was going to be my answer after reading just the first few sentences of this blog post! Bridesmaid gifts are a thoughtful way to say “thank you” to your dedicated girl gang. They spent time, money, and a ton of effort on helping you feel special and prepared for your wedding day. They were dedicated to making you feel special, cared for, and heard in the months leading up to your wedding. So, why not give them a little happy to return the favor as best as you can?

Gift Ideas:

If you’re struggling with bridesmaid gift ideas, I’ve got your back! Let me lay out what I did for my bridesmaids to give you some inspiration!

I gifted my beautiful bride tribe with customized goody bags! These bags included tumblers, a robe, and a few other things that helped them through my wedding day like chapstick, mascara, powder pads to dab oil with, and hair ties for after the ceremony so that they could get their groove on at the reception! I also included a handwritten thank you note for each of them to let them know how special they are to me & how much I appreciate their friendship and support. After the wedding, I gifted them each 4×6 prints of us from my special day!

Bridesmaid gifts

I went all out on my bridesmaid gifts; however, even just one or two of the things that I included in my gift bags would make a great bridesmaid gift for your girls. If you’re on a budget, write them a thank you note and give them a wedding print. Have custom tumblers made that they can use for their cocktails after the ceremony at the reception. Both prints and tumblers are great budget options! You could also put in a wholesale order for canvas totes with a photo from the wedding in at Office Depot for less than $200! 

There are so many great options! Don’t let wedding overwhelm let you forget about your lovely bridesmaids and everything they’ve done for you. 

Bridesmaid Gifts

If your wedding has already passed, that’s totally fine! If it’s within a year of your wedding date, it’s not too late to send your bridesmaids a gift or even just a heartfelt thank you card. Let your girls know how special they are to you! Want more tips? Follow me on Instagram or Pinterest. Looking for an amazing Southern California Wedding Photographer? I’m currently accepting new clients, click here to inquire!

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