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If you’re the bride-to-be and you’re planning your own wedding, then you know just how stressful it can be to try to pick out your own wedding dress, much less your Bridesmaid dresses! Bridesmaid dresses can feel like the stressful cherry on top of all of your wedding planning tasks; however, with some inspiration and examples, you just may be able to get those creative gears grinding!

Here are some of my favorite bridesmaid dresses from weddings that I’ve shot to date! From bridesmaids wearing the same bridesmaid dress to bridesmaids showcasing their individual style with different cuts and colors, I’ve covered it all! Scroll for bridesmaid dress ideas and inspiration galore!


The Mix and Match Method

If you’re going for more of an eclectic, fun, casual, or cozy wedding and you want your bridesmaids to show off their individual style, then you should let them mix and match their dresses! This is easiest when you give them one color to work with so that they can all choose dresses in that color but different styles. This way, none of the dresses clash and all still look relatively cohesive. Another, more customizable way to do the mix and match method would be to offer them a color palette to choose from! I suggest you pull these colors from your floral arrangements and other wedding decorations so that they don’t stand out like a sore thumb! Here are a few of my favorite examples of the mix and match method!


Bridesmaid dress ideasgorgeous spring bridesmaid dress ideasbridesmaid dress inspiration


The Same Dress Method

If you’re going for a more elegant, classy, or serious wedding, a great option for your bridesmaid dresses is have each bridesmaid wear the exact same one! With all of your bridesmaids in the same dress, the focus will stay on you. It will also put a lot less pressure on your bridesmaids to find the perfect dress! If you don’t want the pressure to be on you to choose the perfect dress for all of them, have them choose a couple that they like and let them vote on it! Just make sure you’re happy with the color and style before you tell them it’s “okay.” Here are a few of my favorite examples of the same dress method!


Bridesmaid dress inspirationgorgeous mix and match bridesmaid dresses


I hope these photos of some of my favorite bridesmaid dresses I’ve shot in the past have helped you hone in on what bridesmaid dresses you’d like to do for your own wedding! If you like what you saw, feel free to keep in touch and give me a follow on Instagram

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