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Best Friends Shoot + Birthday Wishes

As it has hit my 6th day of fighting this cold and second day forced to be stuck in bed with no voice, I have tackled more of my over-growing to-do list, but wanting to take a break and do something a little blogging. (So thankful for laptops! Stuck in bed, but able to get stuff done! hehe!)

Today’s blog post is dedicated to two of my best friends. Ever since high school, I always loved once it hit February. It always went: Valentine’s day, an exact week later, Allie’s birthday. Then, an exact week later, it was Hannah’s birthday. Then after another exact week, it was my birthday! It was always four weeks of celebration! (Well, this year it’s different… Leap year ruined it and now my birthday is 8 days after Hannah’s 😉 )

Ever since graduation/college happened, we haven’t been able to all celebrate our birthdays together, each week! Though the distance stinks, our friendship is all still so strong.

With it being three days after Allie’s birthday and four days until Hannah’s, I just wanted to wish both of them a happy birthday and a thank you letter.

Thank you both for always sticking by my side through out these years. You both made high school fun and memorable. Whether we went out or stayed in for sleepovers, you made everything fun – You still do! Ever since summer of 2013 ended, we haven’t been able to see each other everyday nor talk daily, like we use to. Our lives have been living with our present + creating our future. After high school, we knew friendships fade and that life gets in the way. But with you two, you both are always a text or call away, you haven’t faded away. We might be busy, but never too busy for each other. Whenever we get back together a few times a year, it’s like we never had time apart. Our laughs that make our bellies hurt, our adventures, our tears we’ve shed, our talks that can last hours, and just simply: being FRIENDS. I can’t thank you enough for the times where I was afraid of spilling the beans to you guys about something, but you guys have always loved me anyways or how I could be SOOO indecisive about some stuff and you guys would get me in check. Thank you for being YOU and such great friends a gal can ask for!

I also wanted to tell you both how proud I am of you!

Allie, through all the trials you have been through body injuries, look at you! In high school and junior college, I remember all the worries + struggles you went through. Now look at you! Playing softball on a scholarship, where you weren’t even sure if you would be able to continue to play! Not only have you made your body stronger, you also have made your heart stronger. The last year, you have been through so much and you have become so strong! You’re one beautiful girl who has a heart of gold and has so many talents! I can’t wait to watch what else you can do this year of being 21!

Hanny (Hannah), can we all be like you!? Heheh! Just kidding! But you do so much and I am so proud of all that you do! From cheering, coaching, stating your boyfriends wrestling team, and so much more! You are super woman!!! You do not let anyone get into your head and you just push through it! You do what YOU want to do and I admire you for that! Your love for helping others and being involved in leading other people to faith is inspiring! I can’t wait to watch you become a teacher and be the amazing leader that you are!

Now, here is to sharing the photos that David took of us last time we saw each other in December/January for our best friend shoot. If you are reading + viewing this blog post and don’t personally know any of us girls, be prepared for weirdness, awkwardness, and laughter! 😉

Shelby Danielle
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