Before the Wedding: You Need More Time Than You Think!

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Attention all my brides-to-be! You need more time than you think. Everyone loves the “getting ready” portion of wedding photography–it’s your movie makeover montage! You become the beautiful bride you were meant to be. But it takes time! Make sure you allow some extra wiggle room in your wedding day timeline–trust me! I’ve seen it all.

Your dress has buttons all the way up the back, and it’s taking some time to button them all up. Even with six of your bridesmaids helping you, you still walk down the aisle missing a button. And that’s because you had to rush out the door. They already started playing your song!

Your makeup is all done and you look amazing! You see yourself in the mirror as you’re about to walk down the aisle and you’re overwhelmed not only by your own beauty, but by how talented your amazing make-up artist was. You start crying! Now we have to touch you up, but the makeup artist has already left! You can’t walk down the aisle with streaky mascara. You don’t don’t have time to fix it, you have to get out there.

Your veil got caught in a zipper! You have no time to gently wrestle it out, so you yank it free, accidentally ripping it. Your groom is already at the altar and your father is waiting for you outside of the bridal suite–you have to go now, ripped veil and all. 

These mistakes can all be avoided if you give yourself an extra thirty minutes. Heck! Even an extra ten minutes could be the difference between you and disaster! There’s nothing that some extra time to iron out the kinks can’t help. 

So, remember you need more time than you think! And hey, because you budgeted your time wisely, your extra moments can be used for more bridal portraits and champagne. That’s not so bad, right?

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