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As I am now a bride-to-be and experience what my clients have and/or will be experiencing, I thought I would share my journey to our wedding next year. 🙂

First up, it’s about my bridal party!

I will mention, I hope this blog posts helps my fellow brides out there. If you are struggling with picking who to be in your party + staying on a budget (but wanting to be cute and gift them), I really hope this helps!

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I asked my maid of honors and bridesmaids to be apart of my engagement and stand by my side on mine and David’s wedding day. & Yes, you read that right, I will be having two maids of honors and a few bridesmaids. 😛

Why do I have two maid of honors and how did I choose all my bridal party?

Anyways, it wasn’t too hard for me to choose these girls. I have always known that I wanted them, but what had me stumped is where do I cut it off. Other than these girls, I still have other close friends that I would love to be apart of it, but I had to make a few decisions.

One of the decisions was if David knew who he would want and how many. Another factor that made me choose these girls was for me was to ask myself, “Have these girls been there for me through it all, even before David came into my life?” “Have these girls stuck by my side through out the last three years of dating David?” “Have these girls always been completely honest with me, even if it hurt? (Because to me, real-honest-truth, in a friendship is the way to go)” “Can I see us still being friends in 20 years?” & “Will they help me as much as they can, be there, and be honest through out the engagement and wedding day?”

With asking myself those questions, I knew that these girls would be the perfect fit!

With that being said, why do I have two maid of honors?

Well, why do I have to have just one? hehe! Although all five have a special place in my heart and I know they all have the capabilities to be my maid of honor(s), I chose the two who I have known the longest and feel like my sisters the most. (Though, I do love my sisters, I just know she would not want the attention as a bridesmaid walking down the aisle)

Leea is my cousin and growing up we were always attached to the hip and honestly, we acted like sisters. We faught over the silliest things but we would get mad if our grandma would split us up because we were fighting. hahah! I couldn’t help but instantly think of her as my maid of honor.

Hailey has been my best friend since we were the age of four and became neighbors. She moved away to Arizona when we were 10/11, but our friendship never ended. We have always talked about being each others maid of honors and I could not let that down as I am now getting married!

Between growing up with Leea and Hailey, I know that these two will make the best get together events during the engagement season and will have my best interest at heart. With Leea being a mother and Hailey living in Arizona, they will both be able to play certain parts that they other may not be able to.

Now onto my bridesmaids! 😀

Hannah and I met our freshman year of high school. She has been through the awkward years of freshman and sophomore year to the adventures of junior and senior year. She was my workout buddy and travel partner before she went to Iowa for college and before I met David. Even with distance, we have stayed in touch over the years.

Allie, the one who makes us (her, Hannah, and I) The Three Musketeers! Allie and Hannah knew each other since elementary years, but us three didn’t re-connect and grow closer until senior year of high school. Even with going to different schools and having life keep us busy, our friendship hasn’t faded and I cherish our honest friendship. She is also just as weird as David and I! It’s a win! hahah!

Valerie and I have been friends since the super-awkward years. We met in 4th grade but became best friends in the 5th grade. From just little kids, to middle school. Then to high school to now, our friendship is the type where we don’t have to talk to each other for awhile, but as soon as we talk and catch up, it’s like nothing has changed.

I am SUPER happy and excited to have all 5 of these ladies be standing next to me the day I say my vows to David. 🙂 I could not have picked a better group of gals!

Four of them shared their excitement on Snapchat earlier this week too:

Now that you have learned a little about them & their excitement, here is how I asked them:

I was on Pinterest and Etsy looking at how to ask your bridal party. With so many cute cards to give them + wanting to save money, I decided to create my own “cards.” They each had something unique to match the photo I put on there. Though, at all rhymed with Paree, since I gave them souvenirs from Paris. I also added a little touch of baby’s breath flowers and the color aqua blue to help give a touch of how my wedding theme will be.I printed out our wedding colors to give them a feel of what they will be. I also wanted to give them something little to celebrate & use. I packaged everything up and added in their blue tank tops we will decorate (maybe at the bachelorette party) and wear for getting ready the day of the wedding.& That is it!

So, if you are having trouble picking your bridal party and/or wanting to stay on a budget on gifting each girl, I hope this blog helps! 🙂

I added up the expenses & everything for each girl ended up being only $22! Woohoo for Do-It-Yourself Bridesmaid Boxes! heheh!

Shelby Danielle
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Where I got each little gift:

Boxes – The Box Zone
Blue Tank Tops- Amazon
Small Wine- BevMo
Nail Polish- Essie at Target
Prints- Designed and printed myself
“Our Colors” – Printed at home
Paris magnet- A souvenir shop in Paris

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