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5 Tips for How to Become An Amazing Professional Wedding Photographer

Now that I’m 10+ years into my career as a professional wedding photographer, I’ve begun offering mentorship and want to leave other photographers that hope to transition into full time photography with some very useful tips! So, if you’re considering starting your own wedding photography business and are ready to take it full time, here are 5 tips on how you can establish yourself as a professional. The more professional you are with your clients, the more well-respected you will be AND the more referrals you will receive. Let’s dive into how to “WOW” your clients with your professionalism!


Have A Website


Tip number one for becoming a professional wedding photographer is HAVE A WEBSITE! Your potential clients will 100% want to see your work, learn more about your pricing, and more about you! Not only will your website allow your potential clients to get to know more about you and your work, but it will also show them your dedication to your work. Building your own website or hiring someone to built it for you shows a level of dedication to your business that shows clients that you mean business!


Have A Client Software


If you want to become a professional wedding photographer, use a CRM software like Honeybook, Dubsado, or 17hats (my personal favorite) to keep track of all things client experience. Having a software like these will help you stay organized with your own process, your schedule, your contracts, your invoices, bookkeeping, emails and more. Software like Honeybook, Dubsado, and 17hats also allow your clients to create a portal that helps them keep all of the info that they’ll need to access on a regular basis in one place. 


Don’t Use Venmo or Cashapp


This might be controversial, but we, as businesspeople, are legally not supposed to use Venmo or Cashapp for business transactions–unless you use your business bank account with them. Not to mention, with venmo and cashapp, it can be difficult for clients to go back and find a receipt for their payments. It can also be difficult for you to keep up with these transactions in your bookkeeping software. 


I highly recommend using a payment processor like Stripe, Square or Paypal as a wedding photographer. While their transaction fees are a pain in the butt, they are safer for you to use as a business owner & make bookkeeping much easier. By the way, these transaction fees DO count as write offs! So that’s a major plus!


Create & Use Guides to Help Your Clients


Your clients will look to you for advice on so many things as a wedding photographer. From posing, location & outfit ideas to wedding vendor recommendations. So, be ready for these requests and have a few guides pre-made so that you can easily send them at your client’s request. Give them allllll of your tips and they will trust & treasure your service even more. 


Deliver Photos in an Online Gallery


Try to stay away from Google Drive or Dropbox! Online galleries are so much faster & more user friendly for both you and clients. Clients will easily be able to view their images with the link that you provide them, download them, and share them with loved ones. They’ll also be able to order professional prints directly from the gallery. 


I hope that these tips help you get started with your photography business! If you’re interested in learning more about mentorship with me, feel free to learn more on my mentorship page or get in touch with me via email or Instagram! I also post tons of tips on my Instagram & Pinterest. Not to mention, I have an entire blog section titled “for photographers” full of hundreds of useful tips as well! So, what are you waiting for?? Get to reading!





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