5 Things You DON’T Want to Forget to Include in Your Wedding Detail Shots

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Wedding photographers! We all know it can be easy to get caught up in the rush and miss a shot on the wedding day, especially if it’s a hectic one! That’s why I put together a list of the 5 things you don’t want to forget when shooting your detail shots! Let’s dive in! 

Wedding Invitations

wedding invitations flatlays with wedding florals and wedding bands

The wedding invitation and stationary is the start of the whole wedding planning process and is also an important marker in the lives of your soon to be married couple! A lot of time and thought goes into making them special. Having an artfully composed picture of them preserves the memory for your clients for years to come! 

Wedding Florals

wedding florals flatlays

The florals are important to remember because most of the time each flower has meaning for the bride and groom! They also help the overall composition of their wedding album by tying in the colors of the wedding decor! The florals are also something that won’t look the same at the end of the day, so capturing them in all of their beauty before the ceremony is important. That way, the couple can look back and remember the gorgeous bouquets, boutonnières, arbors and other decorative florals they chose for their special day!

His and Hers Rings

wedding rings detail shots

Second only to the dress are the rings. His and hers ring shots show the connection between the soon to be married couple. They are also a way to show off some of your amazing photography skills by capturing the shine and sparkle in up close macro photos! They’re literally the symbol of weddings and marriage, so it’s an essential shot for any wedding day!


wedding accessories detail shots

Capture as many detail shots of accessories as you possibly can! Whether it’s the bride’s jewelry, the groom’s cufflinks, the bride’s wedding heels, perfume, ties, or even a charm wrapped around the bouquet, each small detail is a choice made by the couple. For that reason, each detail is important. So they should all be documented for the couple to remember! Bonus points if you do a details session for the groom’s accessories and the bride’s accessories separately! This gives them even more fun photos to look back and reminisce on as well as tons of different options. 


wedding dress detail shots

Taking a picture of the dress is simply a MUST! The bride will love looking back on their gown hanging in the morning light. You can showcase the venue and the unique style of the bride in one shot! The wedding gown will always have special meaning to it, whether it’s an emotional heirloom, a priceless gift, or a perfect showcase of her style, the bride chose this garment because it meant something to her. Capture it in all of its glory before she puts it on and wrinkles it up by dancing and sweating in it all night long!

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Download my full wedding details photo checklist here for more things you won’t want to forget to capture in your detail shots!

Good luck at your next session! 


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