3 Tips on how to prep your significant other for your engagement session

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Over the years, David has been pretty easy going when it comes to getting our photos taken. He definitely has times when he isn’t as excited as I am, but he has been a good sport. He has had practice, with how often we get photographed, but I understand that it’s highly unlikely that my couples have had photographs taken before they have come to me.

When my couples arrive to their photo sessions and I hug them hello, my brides always have a bigger smile and excited energy pouring out of them. While the grooms smile, say hi, and just there to help make his fiancé happy. Little do my grooms know that by the end of their session, they will have so much fun they forgot how much they dreaded coming to the session. They have such bigger smiles on their faces than when they showed up. But that’s not the point. 😉

Today I wanted to share the ways that have helped me and can help you prep your fiancé for your guys’ engagement session. 🙂

  1. Keep him in the loop of planning. – When it comes to picking the date of the session, make sure he is aware of the date you pick. After you pick the date and put it into your calendar, talk with him about making a date night out of it. After your session, you will be dressed up, don’t let it go to waste and go on a date. What man doesn’t love food? 😉 You can steal what a past bride of mine has done: You can even bribe him with telling him you will get him a beer afterwards. 😉 
  2. The day of your session, make sure you have enough time to get ready. – If you feel stressed about anything, you may have an attitude change and put that wrong energy out there and he will feel it. He will either then get stressed too or worry about you because you’re stressed. Also, if you have enough time, you can get yourself ready for your girl time and then give him the chance to hang out before he has to get ready. Because let’s be real, guys get ready so much faster than girls! 😛 Side note: make sure to compliment him once he is finished getting ready. 😉
  3. Have him look at my Instagram feed or look here on the blog to view past couples and engagement sessions. – (This point was from David himself!) This will help him get into the mindset that it is not just about you, but about both of you. It’s a time to have fun, be joyful, and share the excitement of what you two are experiencing as an engaged couple looking forward to their wedding day and marriage ahead.. He can see how my couples interact, how at ease they look, and something he can visually see himself in, with you.

I hope these quick little (but big) tips help you and your future husband feel at ease as you approach your engagement session. 🙂

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