3 Great Tips for Wedding Photographers

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I use a lot of my blogging real-estate to give wedding tips to future bride’s; however this week, I decided I wanted to shell out some of my favorite tips for other wedding photographers! I’ve been in the wedding industry for over eight years now and have accumulated a ton of niche knowledge in regards to the best practices for photographing weddings. So, if you’re a new wedding photographer or an aspiring freelance photographer looking to shoot the occasional wedding, here are some tips that will help you make your clients oh so happy.

Don’t neglect the Bride’s veil!

Some of the coolest, most beautiful wedding photos I have taken of brides have been photos in which we have played around with their veil! The veil is such an amazing accessory, especially if you’re going for more unique & intimate wedding day photos. Veil framed wedding photos are so dreamy—don’t pass up the opportunity to play around with them during your shoot!

Every minute counts!

On the wedding day, every minute counts! You don’t want to miss a single moment shared between your bride and groom. One fun way to get some extra special candids of the happy couple is to continue taking photos between locations. If they’re walking from the ceremony to the reception, follow behind them and continue taking photos! If they’re sharing a special moment before the ceremony, stick around to capture it. Don’t waste any time!

Make sure the whole wedding party is included in group shots!

This task can seem daunting, especially if you’ve got a big wedding party on your hands! However, with some editing skills and a few extra minutes, you can easily turn several photos into a panorama! This way, no one feels left out! If you’d like to see a tutorial on how I do this, click here to see a reel I created explaining my technique!

I hope that these 3 tips for wedding photographers have you excited for your next wedding day photo shoot! If you want more tips for wedding photographers, head to my instagram and give me a follow! I regularly post reels with tips for other wedding photographers and would love to share them with you. You’re also more than welcome to check out my “for photographers” blog posts here to find more tips! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re looking for a mentor or a friend!

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