2015 BTS Recap!

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Happy New Years Eve, friends!!

WOW! New years eve… WHAT? Where has this year gone by!? As I am getting older, the years just FLY by… am I right!?

2015 has been an amazing year!! It has been one of the busiest years in my business and I couldn’t be anymore thankful + blessed for all the people who I have met through creative meet-ups, collaborated with, clients who I have photographed, clients I have made friendships with, and SOO much more! All the new opportunities I have had with this business… Man, I am oh-so-very thankful! I am so pleased with how this year has played out, the good and the bad! Everything has happened for a reason and it has shown!

I just wanted to blog about how thankful I am and share some photos that David, my boyfriend, has captured or my other assistants that have me helped out! Some crack me up and I can’t help but share! 🙂

First up, just some regular behind the scenes shots!

Orange-County-CA-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0113Orange-County-CA-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0114Orange-County-CA-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0115Orange-County-CA-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0126Now, To make sure we have a good background and/or light, have to get low with the clients!

Orange-County-CA-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0121Orange-County-CA-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0122Or better yet, let’s just have crazy positions and get even LOWER just for “THE shot!” haha!Orange-County-CA-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0119Orange-County-CA-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0120How about arguing with a one year old about how she should smile? (Totally kidding!)Orange-County-CA-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0116I mean, I guess I make mom + dad laugh, but not the little one?Orange-County-CA-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0117Yeah, I make sure I jump with my seniors to make it some type of fun for them! heheh!

Orange-County-CA-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0118Now, to the leaning, tippy-toes, and standing on things that I’m not suppose to!Orange-County-CA-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0123Orange-County-CA-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0127“Okay, kiss like this!” (Who knows if I was really saying that when this was taken! hahah)Orange-County-CA-Photographers-Shelby-Danielle-Photography_0124Okay, my favorite for last! HAHAHAHA!

As soon as I saw this in my second shooter’s album that he took, I couldn’t help but bust out laughing!!

Aaaannnnddd, that is it! 😀

Hope everyone has a safe + fun New Years!!!

Shelby Danielle
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