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Man, is this the perfect quote lately! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw a post of a quote that said, “If it’s still in your mind. It is worth taking the risk.” I then posted the caption with how something has been on my mind and that I had a great opportunity to take, but I was not sure if I was going to take that opportunity or not. Well, on this Monday morning, I thought I would post about it as in a little bit of a “Monday Motivation” if any of you are feeling the same way with me.

It has been my dream to open up a studio/office space, that is not my office in my house that I have grown up in. I want to have a space where I can have separate rooms. One for boudoir, then an area for my seniors to pick outfits for their shoot, a little space for makeup, and then a space for consultations with my brides + grooms. All these into one location. I’ve been shopping around and…Well, I had that exact opportunity and with such a great price with the location it was at!! I was ecstatic that my employer that I had been with for three years was offering it to me and willing to bring down the price for me because she knows + supports my dreams.

Well, with time of going back in forth with myself and talking to others about it, I had to decline. I then started to compare myself to others and wishing I did not decline. If I did not have this perfect location for a studio and with this perfect opportunity that may not come again, I would not continue to be successful. I kept having thoughts come into my head such as, “People aren’t going to think I’m really a successful business owner if I didn’t have my own location,” or “I am not going to grow if I don’t have this studio.”

Honestly, I had no idea where these thoughts were coming from! Because, I know I do NOT need a studio/office location outside of my home to be successful. I knew that if I got the studio right now, I would not be financially happy. I most likely would be STRUGGLING instead of being SUCCESSFUL. Owning a studio costs A LOT, especially here in Southern California. So, I was not sure why I was telling myself that I would not be successful if I did not have this studio. My business has been growing the past few years and guess where I have been working from? MY HOUSE. If I have been “successful” right NOW from working from home, I can continue doing this until I have those three months worth of rent + all the expenses it takes to decorate the studio.

So, even though I was so unbelievably happy + excited to have the opportunity to open up a studio within the end of this year/early next year, I had to decline with, “I just want to be smart about it. I want to have enough back up money for the slow months, just in case! If the office space is still open in months to come, maybe I can swing it and make it happen. But for now, do not wait for me. Go ahead and have someone take up the office space for now.”

Guys, it was SO hard to decline, but I knew I had to be smart about it. Even through those crazy thoughts that were coming into mind.

You do NOT define your success in your business based on materialistic things or the money. I believe I have been successful by the clients I have met, the friendships I have created, and the moments I have been able to capture in this business. And, guess what!? I did not have a studio during this all. So, the dream studio I will have is in the future, just not as soon I was hoping.

Again, if it is meant to be, it will find it’s way. 🙂

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